Monday, November 28, 2016

Tips for a Water Efficient Garden

Of late gardeners have increasingly started to worry about drought and the subject of drought has been the center of discussion. Many of them ponder if there is any room for vegetable gardens in the near future. 

On one hand, few people have decided water conservation would benefit, whereas, on the other hand, people are being flexible to adapt vegetables which have a tendency to grow in dry and humid conditions.

Water conservation plays a large role in conserving the nature. To achieve this, efficient water gardening is the need of the hour. Some of the suggestions are as follows

    An effective gardening starts with the quality of soil
    Smarter way of gardening to reduce evaporation of water
    Water harvesting

Quality plays a very important role be it any field, whether a professional offering service or a gardener trying to improve the quality of his produce. 

This highlights the importance is preparing the garden before the commencement of tasks. 

This could be done by adding organic compost to the soil which will help in retaining the moisture and also help the plants getting deep rooted into the soil.

This process is helpful in further aiding fertility of the soil as well as it helps in better retaining of water in the longer term.

Another way of having a water efficient garden is to plant smartly. For instance planting of saplings in a row looks attractive, however, this is not a smarter way for they are not efficient and doesn’t help much in retaining water.

However, planting of the saplings in blocks has been found in aiding water retention. Hence grouping vegetables together with identical water needs to be focused as it has found to affect the plant growth in a positive way.

Timing also plays a major role when it comes to effective gardening. Research shows that an afternoon irrigation tends to be more beneficial when compared with early morning irrigation. 

So by timely planning and watering of plants ends up in healthy produce. This highlights the growing importance of smarter decisions which ends up in having a prettier garden.

Due to lesser rains being the order of the day, water harvesting is gaining higher priority. Many ways could be utilized for harvesting water such as.

Cooking water – Water that is used in cooking purpose is full of nutrients, though unfit for human consumption, it is bound to benefit gardening purposes in bountiful ways.
If you have fish at home, it also helps in benefitting using the leftover water from tank cleaning. This water is full of nutrients and also said to phosphor-rich which helps in aiding the plant growth.

Choosing of containers that will be used for storing plants needs to be done with a careful analysis of materials made with low-quality results in loss of water due to evaporation and vaporization.

Quality materials help in a containment of water resources, which will tend to benefit gardeners in a long way.

Another way for water efficient gardening is the use of large leafed saplings which help smaller plants with shades.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to conserve water. A most economical way it the use of a garden hose reel along with a moisture measuring tool. 

The tool is designed in such a way that it helps in accurate measurements of the moisture content present in the soil in a matter of few seconds.

This is rather a beneficial innovation since it not only helps in noting the reading, it assists us in understanding when the soil is over watered, under watered or has been done in the right way.

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